« Form and Fractal » (GB)

EPAC School of Contemporary Arts is pleased to inform you that its overseas director, artist Innyang Low E.H., has been invited by the Cultural Affairs Department of Taiwan City to exhibit a series of 42 paintings. Named “Formed and Fractal”, the exhibition will take place within the Cultural Center gallery.

“Form and Fractal” exhibition’s official opening will take place on the 9.23.2017 at 3PM, in attendance of both Taiwan City mayor, Mr. Cheng Wen Tsan, and the gallery director. The gallery is located at No 21, Xianfu Rd.,Taoyuan District, Taiwan.

Inn Yang Law invites us in his world of art throughout 42 works linked together by the theme "Abstract", kind of art which is not reaching out to you, but it’s there for you to come to. The abstraction is declined by two occurrences, semi figurative aesthetics and spiritual impressionism.

The series of vitalist paintings here unites all that the artist has brought to full maturity: a know-how of the Sino-Western gesture admirably mastered, an energetic and decided style, a deep serenity, a pronounced taste for movement, aesthetics and the abstract; Inn Yang Low is absolutely a wizz, more so now than ever. His universe is full, welcoming, a kind of vast open air playground.

« We would like to thank once more Mr. Innyang Low E.H. for his contribution to the strong ties which unite Swiss and Asia. The long-term and short-term cultural exchange programs that EPAC and Ming Chuan University” have been running for many years wouldn’t have been possible without his input.

These cultural, professional and personal formation programs have allowed two very different worlds to meet, building a bridge between a megacity and a small village. The students are the primary beneficiaries of those programs, whether it is for a short-term internship or a Dual Degree between Ming Chuan University, which encompasses 30000 Taiwanese students, and EPAC, the first Swiss School of Comics and Game Art, located in the Valais region.

We would also like to thank Mr. Chih-Chuan Kao, MCU Commercial Design department manager, as well as Pr. Ming-Hsun Tsai, for both their friendship and those exchange programs that allow EPAC, Switzerland and MCU, Taiwan, to consider themselves sister institutions. »

A 60-page catalogue, in both Chinese and English, will be published for this exhibition

ISBN 978-986-05-3555-6

Innyang E.H. Low Art Album, Form and Fractal

Cultural Center, No 21, Xianfu Rd.,Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Text written by: Cheng Wen Tsan, Taiwan City Mayor, Taiwan / Zhuang Xiu Mei, Director of the Taiwan City Cultural Center gallery, Taiwan/ Americ Woirin, University of Fribourg, Switzerland - Domain Philosophy of Culture and Aesthetics, PhD in progress.

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