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The EPAC draws on a wide selection of professionals who come and run workshops over a day or two. These are an essential part of the educational process, a break from the routine of the classroom. In workshops, feedback from informed outsiders provides students with fresh perspectives on their work; and, above all, students have the opportunity to develop a single project within a limited time frame.


Here are just some of the professionals who have given workshops : Andrzej Bednarczyk, directeur du département de peinture à l'Académie des Beaux-Arts de Cracovie ; Antoine Maurel, publisher at éditions Lombard ; Camille Scherrer, interactive designer ; Caza, cartoonist Le Monde d'Arkadi) ; Cuno Affolter, conservateur du centre BD de Lausanne ; Dustin Rees, freelance animator and teacher at the Hochschule of Lucerne ; Eric "Buche" Buchshacher, cartoonist and illustrator (Franky Snow, Le Vent des Cimes) ; Frank Popper, art theorician ; Freddy Martin, cartoonist and illustrator ; Gilles Francescano, illustrator (collection J'ai Lu, Atalante, Fleuve Noir) ; Grzegorz Rosiński, cartoonist (Thorgal) ; Greg Broadmore, concept artist (King Kong, District 9) ; Julia Hountou, doctor in art history ; Patrick Gyger, historian, autor and director of the Lieu Unique, Nantes ; Simon Otto, animator at DreamWorks animation ; Vincent Froissard, cartoonist and illustrator (Le dernier voyage d’Alexandre de Humboldt) ; and many others.