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Foundation course


This year-long preparation provides students with the knowledge of art and the level of drawing required to start on the EPAC’s training.


1st cycle


The initial training at the EPAC lasts three years. The first year provides the basis for undertaking training in one of the specialisms offered. The final year is devoted to the diploma programme, both practical and theoretical. The school brings in outside experts to assess the students' work.


Diploma / European Bachelor : Comics & Illustration

Diploma / European Bachelor : Nouveaux Médias


2nd cycle

Diploma / Master in Game Art (click here)

Diploma / Master in Sequential Art (click here)



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The foundation course


The year-long foundation course is for those students unfamiliar with traditional and digital tools for art. It provides them with the theory and practice they need to start their training on a solid basis.


Here students learn to work with all the tools they need for their career: paint brushes, pencils, crayons, and the graphic tablet. Closely followed by their teachers, the students develop confidence in their own creative processes.


This year also serves to introduce students to art history and the rich panoply of past masters. It supplies them with the necessary concepts to understand these works and trains them in the language they need to describe what artists do in their work.


The skills acquired during this foundation course are crucial. Most applicants need to follow it. Only those who have already been trained in art, or gifted self-taught applicants, can go straight into the first-year course.


The first year


The first year builds on the foundation course and marks the beginning of a process that will lead students to develop their own art. The two terms are punctuated by work experience and projects during which students can experiment with various media and begin to make their own choices, both of technique and conceptual framework.


This year enables students to explore possibilities and define, little by little, the direction they plan to take in their second year. In this sense, it is still a transitional stage.


2nd year (choice of major : comic strips, painting, new media)


From the start of this year, the students choose the medium in which they plan to express their personal creativity. They can choose between illustration and comic strips; painting; and new media.


While many courses are common to all three domains, being the basis needed by any artist, whatever their speciality, they underpin the student's chosen medium.


Here too the students develop the lateral skills that will be essential to their future career: the ability to work autonomously, cope with deadlines, and calculate the means to achieve the desired aim.


3rd year


The diploma year is crucial in two respects. It leads students to come up with their passport to the professional world: a coherent work in a fully-formed conceptual framework. It also concludes the learning process, ending with the award of the Diploma.


During this year, the students choose their mentor among the EPAC's staff, while continuing to benefit from the advice of the other teachers. Work placement and master classes continue to shape their training and enrich their artistic experience.


Master in Game Art (click here)


Master in Art Séquentiel (click here)