SEQUENTIAL ART (European Master)

This EMA programme aims to provide the student with the knowledge of administration, international law and finance, quite as much as the artistic abilities, that the artist-author needs. The training is both theoretical and practical, with a concrete end-product in mind. It aims to produce artists who are equipped to confront the realities of publishing and displaying their work.




The production of a piece of work, from its preparation  up to the issue of the final copy. At the beginning of the first semester, students have to choose a project centred on prospecting for clients and selling a piece of work. the objectife is to confront the students to the realities of publishing and art, to defines strategies to be implemented in order to ensure their placement into the professional world. This project serves as a basis for work in different courses throughout the year.




The course is built around the creation of a society and independent status. It provides the notions of law, correspondence and accounting.


European and international distribution and publishing


Circulation of European works within the EU and around the world. The differents aspects of distribution in the audio-visual area as well as its rules. The role of the publisher. Legal status and intellectual property.




The distribution of audiovisual and pictorial works. Choose between different marketing tools




The student must complete a term paper focused on the socio-economic business.

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